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Berry Ladies FC’s Nana Yaa Mingle Andoh Joins Jordan’s Al-Istiqlal in Landmark Transfer

In a significant move that has made headlines across women’s football in Ghana, Berry Ladies FC’s dynamic midfielder Nana Yaa Mingle Andoh has completed a high-profile transfer to Jordan’s top division side, Al-Istiqlal. This transfer marks a pivotal step in the career of the talented two-footed midfielder, known for her extraordinary versatility and technical skills on the field.

The deal, facilitated by Mingle’s new management team, Clava Sport Consult, along with Berry Ladies FC, was finalized after weeks of negotiations, demonstrating a strategic and beneficial agreement for all parties involved. Nana Yaa Mingle’s journey from Berry Ladies FC to a leading club in the Middle East showcases her rising status in international women’s football.

Nana Yaa Mingle has been a cornerstone of Berry Ladies FC’s midfield, celebrated for her ability to effectively control the game from both ends of the pitch. Her exceptional performances at Ridge City Fc and Berry Ladies FC have not only won her numerous accolades but also the hearts of fans who have admired her tenacity and skill. In her short time at Berry Ladies, Mingle has been pivotal in many crucial matches, contributing significantly to the club’s successes over the few matches she played.

“Nana Yaa’s transfer to Al-Istiqlal is a testament to her hard work, dedication, and the quality of football that Berry Ladies FC champions,” said Coach Freeman Amponsah of Berry Ladies FC. “While it’s tough to lose such a key player, we are incredibly proud of her achievements and believe this move is in line with her aspirations to compete at the highest levels internationally.”

Al-Istiqlal has welcomed Nana Yaa with open arms, anticipating that her inclusion in the squad will bolster their midfield strength considerably. “We are delighted to welcome Nana Yaa Mingle to our club,” stated a spokesperson from Al-Istiqlal. “Her versatility as a two-footed midfielder will be an enormous asset to our team dynamics. We look forward to her contributions as we aim for the top of the league this season.”

Clava Sport Consult, involved extensively in the negotiations, praised the smoothness of the transfer process. “This move has been in the works for a while, and seeing it come to fruition is incredibly satisfying,” said a representative from Clava. “Our aim was to find a club that matched Nana Yaa’s talent and ambition, and Al-Istiqlal is the perfect fit. We’re excited to see her growth continue in such a competitive environment.”

As Berry Ladies FC bids farewell to one of their stars, the club also looks forward to the future. The transfer fee, though undisclosed, is rumored to be a good amount.

Nana Yaa Mingle herself expressed both gratitude and excitement towards her new chapter. “I am incredibly grateful for my time at Berry Ladies FC and for the unending support from the fans. Joining Al-Istiqlal is a new challenge and a chance to showcase my skills on a larger stage. I am excited about the future and determined to make an impact here in Jordan.”

This landmark transfer not only underscores the global nature of women’s football but also highlights the increasing opportunities available to female athletes in the sport’s growing international market. As Nana Yaa Mingle prepares to make her mark in the Jordanian league, her journey will undoubtedly inspire many other talented players in Ghana and beyond.



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