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Coach Reginald Asante on Police Ladies FC, players to maintain, what to expect and more

Head Coach, Reginald Asante has previewed Berry Ladies FC’s MTN FA Cup Round of 32 fixtures with Police Ladies FC to the media team of Berry Ladies FC and “This is Berries” Team.

Berries new head coach sat down with the media team during a final prep ahead of his side’s clash with Police Ladies FC today at home (MADINA ASTROTURF). `

Read on to see what he had to say ahead of the fixture…

On a ‘big game’ versus Police Ladies FC…

Yeah, massive game. So, if we want to win something this season, we have to face each team differently– especially the teams ahead of us in the League table and for today’s FA Cup we can’t undermine our opponent. It’s not as easy as people look at it and it will never be easy, but I think the only way we can do it is to give it a try, and that’s what we have to do, a game at a time. Police Ladies FC, best defense in the league, we lost to them in the Premier League, an unfortunate goal.

It will be an interesting game, but hopefully Coach Freeman Amponsah and I can build on the performance from our previous mistakes and with the right mindset, go for a lot of goals. I really think we did particularly well, to be honest, in that game with them. But that’s a point to prove again today.

On managing Priscilla Agyemang Sintim’s minutes…

It’s not that difficult, to be honest. We have parameters, we can read numbers, stuff like this. But it’s then all very individual, so even when a lot of players are young, they are still different. We have a close eye on that. We judge that all the time – if she’s ready again. So far there were no signs that we had to rest her. But it was good for her because there were long breaks between our trainings this week – that’s absolutely no problem. But we have other good players as well on the bench that I will love to try them as well from time to time.

Priscilla Agyemang played exceptional and not because she’s still young, she just played exceptional – that’s actually the best thing to say about her now.

On Jafaru Rahama overall…

Top talent, super player, played really, really, really good for us so far. Since she is with us it’s a pure joy to work with her… she’s a top, intelligent girl– a joy to work together. She has a great bunch of players around her like Cynthia Boakye Yiadom (Captain), Ernestina Amoateng and Portia Sakyiwa she can learn from. So, yeah, an absolute joy to work with.

On Elizabeth Ayebea’s progress…

Elizabeth is a very young player as well, big talent, absolutely, played well for us in a couple of games. Now it’s a situation we have to make a squad and she could be benched – that’s how it is, that’s the truth, we need different skills with different momentums and as I said, I will love to try different players from the bench as well. She has improved a lot, she developed a lot, she’s a good kid and she’s in the middle of the group, in the middle of the team and learning how to rotate with Comfort Yeboah and Regina Donkor at the back.


Berry Ladies FC Vs Police Ladies Fc: Women’s FA Cup Round of 32 draw


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