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Gideon Sosu Of Berry Ladies FC; GFA/CAF license D Coach & Physiotherapist

Gideon Sosu of Berry Ladies Football Club has recently gain approved skills and knowledge as a GFA/CAF license D coach and a physiotherapist at Obuasi Len Clay Stadium in the Ashanti Region this week.

The program which commenced this month saw quite a number of participants, who were issued a certificate of participation and completion of acquisition skills in the training process.

Gideon Sosu
As a coach he is enabled with skills to provide growth and development of young footballers, methods of coaching and cardiovascular resuscitation and the administration of first aid.

Gideon Sosu has been with Berry ladies FC for about 3 years and counting hence his ability to build a rappor with the team is already establish.

Gideon Sosu
Gideon Sosu at Berry Ladies FC Training

As a physiotherapist he will be able to treat problems in the muscles and skeleton. Problems in the bones, joints, ligament such as injury or arthritis, lung problems such as asthma and breathing issues.

The club will have a benefit of education and advice from Mr Sosu. He will enable the effect of players by giving them general advice about things that can affect their posture, ways of correct lifting or carrying techniques to prevent injuries.

Gideon Sosu

Sports has over the years grown with key stakeholders as they maintain, shape and protect players and sports men to keep in perseverance for supporters. One of such is a physiotherapist and a coach.



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written by Gloria Kafui Kuzo

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