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Portia Asante: We need to show our best form

Portia Asante says the squad must focus all their energy on securing three points and win all games during the upcoming Super Cup which the date is yet to be communicated by Ghana Football Association

Coach Freeman Amponsah’ side ended the 2022/2023 with a hard-fought victory over Ridge City FC on an away soil, but we were made to work for the win.

We welcome Top 4 teams from Southern Zone including Berry Ladies FC and 4 from the Northern Zone hoping to continue our winning ways when the Super Cup Clash commences.

‘Every season is different, and this is to prepare us towards the next season, so it’s just a case of moving on and focusing on wins with both new and old faces,’ Portia said. ‘We have to put all our energy towards getting points in every game and getting the job done.

‘You can obviously learn from the experience of every setback and figure out how you can win going forward.’

Portia Asante was full of praise for all top 7 teams coming in to play this tournament and recognizes the challenge they will pose on each game. The prolific goalkeeper knows we have to be at the top of our game from the first whistle if we are to get the desired result.

‘Just about every time I’ve played against this top teams, they’ve been really hard working and often tough to break down. They’re similar to a lot of teams in Women’s Premier League, in that you’ve got to go and put on your A-game against them if you’re going to get a result.

‘They’ve got some good creative players, some who are very hard working, and we’re going to have outwork them and outplay them if we’re going to get the points. We need to show our best form.

We have a good recent record in the Women’s Premier League and Super Cup; however Portia Asante is not one to get distracted by statistics. Instead, she emphasized the importance of good preparation and understanding that every game of football is different.

‘It’s not something I personally do – I’m not one for stats! Anyone can beat anyone on any given day, and when you start looking at stats like that, you can get complacent and say, “Well, we beat them this many times, etc.”. Who’s to say these games won’t be different to the ones you’ve already played?

‘We have to do our analysis as best we can with the technical team, put it all together in training and then hopefully when we get to the games, we’ve done enough work in the weeks we met as a team with our Coach. Providing we do that process and stick to the game-plan, hopefully we can come away with winning points.’

Portia Asante says preparing for the next challenge to the best of our ability is the main focus.
‘They can be huge. Our fans are invaluable to us, we’ve needed them throughout the whole season and we’re going to need them right to the end.


‘We’ve got a lot of games coming up and we need to win all of them, so their support can really help take us over the finish line. We want to keep hearing them for the rest of the season.’



Martha Appiah proud to represent her country this Friday, 14th July, 2023


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