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The Digital Transformation of Berry Ladies Fc In Women’s Football in Ghana


The digital transformation of women’s football clubs in Ghana according to Dr. Gifty Oware-Mensah, CEO of Berry Ladies Football Club refers to the process of clubs in Ghana integrating digital technologies, skills and strategies to modernize and enhance various aspects of the club operations, player development, fan engagement, and overall growth of the game we love. She added that it involves leveraging digital tools, platforms, and data-driven approaches to improve performance, increase visibility, and maximize opportunities for women’s football clubs in Ghana.


The Digital Transformation of Berry Ladies Fc In Women's Football in Ghana
This Transformation is not only about Tech – Berry Ladies FC


In research conducted by the media team of Berry Ladies Football Club led by Dr. Gifty Oware-Mensah (CO-Founder/CEO) and Samuel Kwame Boadu (Digital Marketing Lead at Berry Ladies FC) in this area focuses on understanding the impact of digital transformation on Berry Ladies football club in Ghana, exploring the challenges and opportunities associated with digitalization, and identifying best practices for leveraging digital technologies effectively as directed by Dr. Gifty Oware-Mensah. Some key areas of the research by the Media Team and that were implemented in the 2022/2023 season included:

  1. Technological infrastructure: This research examined the technological infrastructure required to support digital transformation of Berry Ladies Football club. It explored the availability of internet connectivity, access to digital devices, and the integration of technologies such as data analytics, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality into club’s operations. With this research, we concluded on building a robust website that will be tested during the 2022/2023 season to capture all the above features at the back end of the website
  2. Player development and performance analysis: Our Media Team studied how digital tools and analytics could be used to enhance player development and performance in women’s football clubs. Our Team Lead, Dr. Gifty Oware-Mensah urged the team to investigate the use of wearable devices, video analysis software, and data-driven approaches to track player progress, identify areas for improvement, and optimize training programs. Upon research and conclusion, we came up with plugins and tools that were both used on our website and our office space to have all these data-driven approaches in place.
  3. Fan engagement and marketing: Our research focused on understanding the impact of digital platforms and social media on fan engagement and marketing strategies for women’s football clubs in Ghana. We explored how Berry Ladies Football Club can leverage digital channels to reach wider audiences, build fan communities, and create interactive experiences that enhance the overall fan experience. Our Team came up with to structuring of all our Social Media Platforms, built amazing test contents around them and created more community platforms to engage our fans. CLICK HERE to have a look at what we did as a club for our fans.
  4. Financial sustainability: Digital transformation can play a crucial role in improving the financial sustainability of women’s football clubs. Research in this area investigated revenue generation opportunities through e-commerce, sponsorship, and digital marketing. It also explored innovative business models and strategies for attracting investment and securing long-term financial stability. We then built an e-commerce platform were fans would be able to purchase our souvenirs, we had a strong marketing team led by our CEO to write proposals to companies and seek sponsorship and we had amazing response and yet to hear from others as well. CLICK HERE to see our E-Commerce Platform which is 70% done and some sponsorships we secured
  5. Equality and empowerment: Digital transformation in women’s football clubs offers opportunities to promote gender equality and empower female players. Our research examined initiatives and programs that leveraged digital technologies to address gender disparities, challenge stereotypes, and create more inclusive environments within our club and the broader football community. With this we built a blog around our club and other General News were we can address both Club concerns and General Concerns on Equality and Empowerment. CLICK HERE TO SEE
  6. Governance and policy: Our research also explored the governance structures, policies, and regulations required to support the digital transformation of Berry Ladies Football club in Ghana. It investigated the role of football associations, governing bodies, and other stakeholders in fostering an enabling environment for digitalization and promoting its benefits across the continent and we believe Ghana Football Association and BETWAY did great with trainings to help us shape the clubs’ policies and governance structures.

Berry Ladies Football Club, ranked by Ghsportsnews as part of the TOP 5 Women’s Football Club in Ghana and Led by our Management Team, Technical Team and Media Team is embracing digitalization to transform the game and enhance its reach and impact. Aside the aforementioned, here are some other ways in which the club is being digitalized and why we are the only female club uniquely doing this in Ghana:

  1. Social media presence: Our Team members and players are actively leveraging social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok to promote our games. We share updates, match highlights, player profiles, and engage with fans, thereby increasing the visibility and popularity of Berry Ladies Football Club.
  2. Online streaming and broadcasting: We are engaging with brands and firms and then engage with Ghana Football Association to see if Berry Ladies Football Club can make available live streaming through our various social media platforms. This will allow fans to watch matches from anywhere and expand the viewership beyond traditional television broadcasts. This Online streaming idea by the Club will also offer opportunities for sponsorship and advertising, generating revenue for the club.
  3. Digital platforms for player recruitment: Berry Ladies Football Club has developed Digital platforms and web applications to identify and recruit talented female players across Africa especially Ghana. These platforms enable players to create profiles, showcase their skills, and connect with our scouts, coaches, and teams via our website. This digital approach helps in discovering talent from remote areas and providing equal opportunities for players to be scouted. All one needs to do is fill an initial form on our website and a link is sent to the person via email to complete the form. CLICK HERE to see!
  4. Data analytics and performance tracking: Our Digitalization has facilitated the collection and analysis of our players and team performance data. Our advanced analytics tools on our website are used to measure various aspects of the game, such as passing accuracy, distance covered, and shooting efficiency. This data-driven approach helps our coaches, club analysts, and players make informed decisions and improve performance. CLICK HERE to see some!
  5. Fan engagement and interactive experiences: Our digital platforms offer opportunities for Berry fans to engage with women’s football in Ghana. Our Twitter online polls and quizzes allow our fans to actively participate and connect with our games. Additionally, Our CEO, Dr. Gifty Oware-Mensah has also asked us to research more on virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies to explore and enhance the spectator experience and provide immersive interactions.
  6. E-commerce and merchandise: Berry Ladies FC’s digital platforms will provide avenues for selling the club’s merchandise, such as jerseys, scarves, and accessories coming this 2023/2024 season. Our 70% almost done Online store and platform developed by SamBoad Business Group Limited and Samuel Kwame Boadu, will enable fans to purchase official merchandise easily, supporting the growth of the club and the financial sustainability of our team.
  7. Education and awareness campaigns: Our digital platforms will be utilized more this 2023/2024 season to raise awareness about women’s football in Ghana, promote gender equality, and provide educational resources for both Berry Fans and Non-Fans supporting all aspect of Women’s Football in Ghana. Campaigns, documentaries, and interviews will be shared online especially our Youtube Channel  and TikTok Channel to help in challenging stereotypes, inspiring young girls to pursue the sport, and educating the public about the achievements and challenges faced by female footballers in Ghana. This will be one of the initiatives of our CEO as a gift and support to Women’s Football In Ghana.

Through these digitalization efforts, Berry Ladies Football Club aims to increase participation, develop talent, enhance fan engagement, and secure better opportunities for our players. The digital transformation of the club is contributing to its growth, visibility, and long-term sustainability.

By conducting more research in these areas, our academics, our experts, and our practitioners aim to provide insights and recommendations that can inform the strategic implementation of digital transformation initiatives not only for Berry Ladies Football Club but for all women’s football clubs in Ghana. The goal is to unlock the potential of digital technologies to drive positive change, growth, and development in the sport we all love.


Written by Samuel Kwame Boadu & Dr. Gifty Oware-Mensah


Copyright 2023 Berry Ladies Football Club. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to as the source.

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